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Palantir Technologies: Future Prospect

Palantir Technologies announced that the US Army Enterprise Information Systems Program Operating Office chose to implement the second year of the Army Vantage program partnership at a price tag of 113.8 million USD. The company won a $ 31.5 million two-year contract with the National Health Service in the UK. Here are the details of future prospects of Palantir technologies. Palantir’s data analysis solutions target three industries: government, investment, and legal investigation. Each of these industries has to process large amounts of data. So Palantir’s tools store large amounts of data, allowing for other intangible connections between attorneys and law enforcement officials.

The main obstacle for software companies in creating high-quality user interfaces is that they cannot truly satisfy the deep and sophisticated needs of the end-users. Actual needs surveys are usually done through surveys, but often users don’t know what they need to promote their work because it doesn’t exist or they have a vague idea but can’t be expressive or possibly assume that the seller is not interested in the changes made, so you can ignore it. This is why PLTR puts its engineers on the front line to work long hours with software users.

The recent rise and rise of PLTR

As of the end of November, its share price has risen more than 50% and reached an intraday high of $ 33.50. On Friday, Citron Research said on Twitter that the company is selling the stock with a target price of $ 20. The stock lost some of its gains. The company closed at $ 27.66.

Many organizations are likely familiar with this form of business and see it as a viable business. They are a big software company, not only for the government but for business, very good business, very delicate business.

Thiel believes that the way to stop scammers and beat banks is to intelligently partner with humans to balance quantitative capabilities with intuition and experience. Look, it gave PayPal the advantage of online payments, which led to the eBay acquisition. After selling PayPal, Thiel wanted to use the synergy between this technology and people to help fight crime, which gave birth to the original PLTR concept in 2003.

Palantir’s software is built on existing datasets and provides users with a seemingly revolutionary interface. Users don’t need to use SQL queries or hire an engineer to write strings to find petabytes of data. Instead, use natural language to query the data and return results in real-time. Long-term success in competition and higher Entry barriers are keys for success for the company. If you want to know more information, you can visit